NASA Air Labs Fly Through Clouds to Discover Surprising Ocean Links

Cloud seeds are getting lost in the sky



Scientists have discovered that about a third of slot fresh cloud saplings that originate in the ocean vanish into mature clouds before they are born again. The disappearance ultimately affected the production line of the cloud factory. As a result, the productivity of Baby Clouds is reduced, which may one day protect the planet.

and with the climate crisis in full swing

The world probably needs all the clouds it can find.Typically, cloud production calls for specific sulfur compounds released by marine plankton. Emissions occur when hungry marine creatures bite these creatures and destroy their cell walls. But according to research published Monday in the Proceedings of the National

Academy of Sciences, that precious element hits roadblocks as it works to create tiny, or other clouds.It turns out this story of cloud formation is really incomplete," said Tim Bertram, a professor of chemistry at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. and senior author of the new report said in a statement.

Fine-tuning our knowledge of cloud formation, as the Bertram study aims, will help us better understand how changes in the ocean might affect the formation of the enormous plumes above us. how louds are important to the Earth's atmosphere. above the sky painting They reflect too much sunlight. and adjust the amount of rain we get That's