In Animal Crossing New Horizons: Crafting

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Making new objects or furniture in Animal Crossing New Horizons is something players are very happy with. These handicrafts can have their own designs and can be used in the design of islands. They are interesting and meaningful game content.

To make objects, we all need to learn relevant knowledge. DIY recipes are what we need, so to create anything in the game, we have to get it first. The method of obtaining a recipe usually appears in some important things, such as when building a museum. It can also be obtained by floating bottles on the sea, balloons in the sky, or talking with villagers.

Of course, different festivals or themed events will have different DIY recipes. For more detailed information, players can get it in the game's FAQ.

According to the recipe, we can know what basic resources we need to make this handicraft. In addition to the method of buying through ACNH Bells. Players can obtain basic ACNH Items through the trees, ores, and rocks in the middle of the island. Such as stone, clay, wood, iron, gold, etc.

The fruits, flowers, grass, and bamboos on the islands are all players can easily get. Resources like stars are more difficult to obtain. It is recommended that players Buy Nook Miles Tickets to save time.

After getting the recipe and the required materials, you need a workbench. In the early stage of the game, players can find this feature in Tom Nook's resident service, which is generally located in the middle of the island. After you become a player with a certain level of strength, you can also create various workbenches yourself. The functions cannot be changed, but the appearance can be customized.

I believe you can learn the basic information about handicrafts after reading it, so hurry up and make one of your items!