Richard Mille Replica Watch 511.04BH.91-1 RM 011 Lotus F1 Team-Romain Grosjean

Richard Mille Replica Watch 511.04BH.91-1 RM 011 Lotus F1 Team-Romain Grosjean


RM 74-01 and RM 74-02: Two automatic and precious tourbillons by RICHARD MILLE

Richard Mille (Richard Mille) today launched two new "super watches" made of new and exclusive materials.replica Richard Mille RM 74 Watches. This is the automatic tourbillon RM 74-01 and RM 74-02.

It's always more complicated! Richard Mille (Richard Mille) provided us with two unique versions of the Manufacture automatic tourbillon movement. Its super hollow center is common to both models, and decorated with something between Cermet and Carbone TPT or 3N. New materials between.

With its brand new RM 74-01 and RM 74-02, Richard Mille not only pushes the boundaries of fine watchmaking with its impressive highest caliber internal movement, but more importantly, this time with new exclusive materials. . -This one. Richard Mille RM 74-01 provides gray cermet, which is particularly scratch-resistant and corrosion-resistant. It consists of a metal zirconia matrix lined with high-performance ceramic reinforcement.

For its part, the Richard Mille RM 74-02 is decorated with carbon TPT gold. This is another material unique to the brand, which highlights the challenge represented by the alloy between the carbon TPT composite and the metal. The precious thing is gold. The matte of the first one and the gloss of the second are perfectly blended, enhancing the slender line characteristics of the two models. Finally, RM 74-01 and RM 74-02 are powered by internal CRMT6 and CRMT5 movements, respectively, with PVD treated grade 5 titanium as the main splint and bridge plate and gold. Red gold and gold are the second models. Most importantly, the tourbillon is highlighted at 6 o'clock in its frame. Highly tempting complexity...Richard Mille RM 11-05 Automatique Flyback GMT

Richard Mille RM 67-01, the flattest Richard Mille to date Richard Mille's main trade inventory has never been ultra-thin watches—if any, his timepieces have been more noticeable in their depth in functioning over the years, and some are even very large. However, when he wants, he can certainly make thinner watches, and they often work well. The rectangular RM 16 and the recent RM 33-01 are different from his usual habits. At SIHH this year, he showed his latest RM 67-01, which is his flattest watch so far, and it is also made by him. The first ultra-flat watch with a tonneau-shaped case, which has been the basis of his design since the company launched its first watch in 2001.

Richard Mille's design work is impeccable. Assuming you completely like this approach to watch design, then there are basically Richard Mille and those who try to imitate him-usually without success-imitate him. (Designing watches after Richard Mille is a bit like becoming a painter after Jackson Pollock or a writer after James Joyce; trying to replicate their success by copying their language or visual vocabulary is tempting and a bad idea.) RM 67-01 is a beautiful watch. The titanium alloy version shown here does a very good job of overall fit and surface treatment; each surface is obviously carefully considered in relation to the dial, gear train and other elements of the case, as we did on the Apple fake watches for sale As said, attention to detail is the real luxury.

It is true that Richard Mille has his own unique design language, but this praise of the aesthetic characteristics of industrial materials is also a classic modernist design strategy, except for some other notable exceptions (for example, Royal Oak, for the stainless steel in watches, (Like Mies van der Rohe did in architecture) Few watch designers can do this like Richard Mille.

One interesting thing about his approach is that, at least broadly speaking, it is actually very conservative, which I think is an important part of Mille's success. He is very smart at challenging expectations, but provides challenges in a reassuring framework so that the whole thing does not become too alienated.

Most of the appeal of his work lies in traditional watchmaking techniques, whether it is surface treatment or mechanical craftsmanship. With a fast-rotating mainspring barrel and optimized gear tooth profile, just like the inside of a baseball, although Richard Mille’s watch has modern industrial materials and finishing methods, in general, his aesthetic effect still depends on The alternating polished, matt and brushed surfaces have been the inventory of the Geneva watch industry for hundreds of replica watches

Where Richard Mille and I are really struggling is pricing. Now almost everyone who talks to you will agree that things are out of control, not just the potential customers of the watch; many CEOs or people close to the CEO level commented to us that they really want to know (that's how I explained) this Is the industry not in trouble yet. To be precise, where does the disconnect between the value provided and the actual price start to become unacceptable? Of course, this depends on many variables. Usually, when we write about very expensive watches, we end up with a shrug and say "I'm sure that price is not important for its target customers" or something similar. It is also very easy to start thinking of price as an abstraction that has nothing to do with the criticism of watch design. However, I think these two are really starting to make people feel that they have given up their responsibility to discuss some important things. After all, how the extremely high prices in the art world look at art is a fair game; why not in watchmaking?

This is a titanium case, limited time watch with a date ring. There is no doubt that high prices are part of the reason why many Richard Mille customers are attracted-this is also part of the reason why his watches are such effective exclusive signs. If they are not so easily recognizable, they will hardly play this role (again, they Usually it’s really attractive as a design object, which doesn’t hurt). replica Jacob Co. Astronomia TOURBILLON

As far as RM 67-01 is concerned, it is obviously very expensive, but then again, people like Kari Voutilainen and Roger Smith have similar prices for watches, but offer very different value propositions, perhaps a real disconnect in mechanical horology , At least at the high end, not between value and price, but between function and price. At this level, the object of discussion is the watch almost by accident.

Update on February 11th: Richard Mille clarified to us that the movement was designed internally and manufactured externally; the company pointed out that it has always been transparent to its suppliers and will only call its movement when the description is appropriate For "in-house manufacturing". An early version of this story did not notice that the watch shown was a platinum model, not a titanium model. The story has been updated; we regret any confusion.

Richard Mille RM 67-01 Automatic Extra Flat; as shown, the white gold case, 38.70 mm x 47.52 mm x 7.75 mm. Hours, minutes, date; function indicator shows the position of the crown. Movement, CRMA6 movement, 3.6 mm thick, designed by Richard Mille; a platinum oscillating weight with a power reserve of 50 hours, running 25 jewels at a speed of 28,800 vph. Waterproof, 50 m. The movement was designed by Richard Mille and manufactured externally.replica Grand Seiko Watches